Old School Cartoons for Kids


These are cartoons I grew up watching and so I am slightly partial to them and therefore there is some amount of bias on this list. They are in my top 10 old school cartoons that your kids MUST watch list. They are classics. They are sometimes just pure unadulterated entertainment but most of the time, they have life lessons I still remember as an adult.

They also take me back to my childhood. Everything good about the spring and summer break involved memories of watching these shows in our pajamas and eating overly sweet cereal before we went out to explore the great outdoors. While I don’t want to give too much away in terms storyline, I have compiled, along with a list, their respective intros as well. Hopefully they will be catchy enough to make you want to watch the show with your kids.


Wacky Racers

Yogi Bear

Atom Ant

The Jetsons

Dastardly & Mutley

Richie Rich

Addams Family

Johnny Quest

Scooby Doo

What were your favorite cartoons growing up? What are some of those shows you would gladly get your kids to watch? Leave me a comment; I would love to have a discussion with you about it!

7 thoughts on “Old School Cartoons for Kids

  1. I’m not familiar with most of these cartoons since I grew up watching anime. However, I really liked Scooby doo, Flintstones and Addams family.

      • Dragon ball was fun but when they added the Z, it just dragged on and on lol…

        I also liked Yuyu Hakuaho, Vision of Escaflowne, Detective Conan, Slamdunk, Fushigi Yugi… among others.

        Evangelion… well, it certainly has a special place in my heart since when I first watched it, I thought that it’s just another one of those anime where robots fight giant monsters to save the day. I’ve no idea that this would be one of the most screwed up anime that I’d ever watched :)

      • Haha. Sometimes the nostalgia of childhood makes you forget the bad things about a show – like how one fight with Freiza took about 5 billion episodes. I remember the time CN tried to compete with anime and put up shows like Transformers and Swat Kats in the hopes that it would drive traffic that way. I never found out if they succeeded!

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