Cake pops, Heart relay & Fun

Cake pops

We’re having a party at our place over the coming weekend. Nope, neither of my kids have their birthdays, nor is it me or my husband’s birthday or wedding anniversary. Our home is known in the immediate neighborhood to throw small yet fun parties for the kids every now and then, be it any occasion. And with Valentine’s Day falling this weekend, most of the kids will be making a beeline towards our place.

I chanced upon this very interesting conversational relay game the other day which I think the kids will enjoy. It works well in a group (and ours is bound to be around 15 odd kids so a pretty big group at that). All you’ve got to do is divide the entire group into, say, three teams. One child at a time, from each of the three teams, will carry cardboard conversation hearts (with messages written on them) from one bucket on one side of the room to another bucket at the other end of the room – the catch here is they need to be sucking up the hearts with a straw – no touching allowed. If a heart unfortunately falls along the way, bad luck; you have to start all over again. The team that finishes this task of transferring all their ‘hearts’ first wins.

There’ll be mini chocolate doughnuts and strawberry milkshake, cake pops and marshmallows too. Wish to drop in? Happy Valentine’s Day! :)