Free Games for Teen Parties

Free Games for Teen Parties

Photo Courtesy – Rodrigo Della Fávera

Finding suitable games for your teenager’s birthday party need not be the ordeal it usually is. After all, the idea is to entertain a bunch of 13-19 year olds, not to embarrass them. So check out these cool free games that will make it a party your teen will definitely want to host. Here goes:

Guess what!

  • Choose four participants per round and ask three to step out of the room.
  • The fourth participant is given twenty seconds to mime a silly, improbable scene – bathing a giraffe; changing baby’s diapers; turning the hands of a gigantic clock, etc.
  • Before he starts, a second person is invited to watch the demo. When it is over, the third person is invited into the room and watch as the second person acts out what he thinks he has just seen. When this is over, the fourth person is invited into the room to watch as the third person repeats the mime. The fourth person is asked what he has just seen and gets three guesses.
  • Let the fun begin!


  • Create small chits of paper for each player and mark one of them with an X.
  • Fold and distribute the chits.
  • Everyone must look at their chits secretly and put them away.
  • The player who gets the X is the hitman and must not reveal his identity.
  • Have everyone sit in a circle and examine everyone else carefully.
  • When the hitman winks at a player, the player says “I’m dead!” and drops out of the game.
  • If another player spots the hitman or thinks he has, he must say “I suspect.” He is the first ‘detective.’
  • The game then pauses and another player must support the first detective saying, “I second detect.”
  • The first detective then names the person he thinks is the hitman.
  • If he is right, the hitman drops out and the game continues with another hitman. If he is wrong, the first and second detectives drop out and the game continues.
  • If the hitman eliminates everyone successfully, he wins!

Two Truths and a Lie

You’ll need an index card and a pencil per player for this fun free game.

  • Each player must write his name on an index card and write three pieces of information about himself below that.
  • Two of these must be true, one must be a lie.
  • Everyone must then exchange their cards and see if they can spot the lies.

This game works really well as an ice-breaker.