Best Websites for Kindergarten Worksheets

The internet is a treasure trove of learning, even for very young children. Kids as young as three or four can have fun as they learn how to read, count and spell – all you have to do is go to the right websites and download or print free kindergarten worksheets for your child.

Kid Doing Homework

Photo Courtesy – Chris Yarzab

Top 5 Websites for Kindergarten Worksheets


While JumpStart is a fun 3D virtual world with scores of educational games for kids, the website also offers printable educational resources. Their kindergarten worksheets promise to develop your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination; teach them about numbers, letters, colors and shapes and, most importantly, they ensure that learning is engaging and stress-free. JumpStart worksheets are a great way to prepare your child for the formal classroom environment. You will also find plenty of educational games, lesson plans and cool activities to give your child a different perspective on learning.

2. Super Teacher Worksheets

Your child may have just started kindergarten but it never hurts to get him on to more advanced topics if he seems eager to learn. Super Teacher Worksheets has a wide range of kindergarten worksheets designed to teach basic skills that every three or four year old needs to learn. The website also has a variety of learning resources for math, grammar, reading, spelling, holidays, brainteasers, puzzles and much more. You might want to try some of their downloadable e-books to give your little one a head start on reading.

3. Kids’ Learning Station

Make no mistake; this is not your average educational resources website. While other websites cover nearly the same range of topics – colors, numbers, shapes, time, phonics, etc., Kids’ Learning Station has a huge number of worksheets for kindergartners; a feat few websites can match. And they keep adding new ones all the time, so you’ll always find something new each time. This helps because kindergarteners get quickly bored if they don’t have something new to do every day.

4. Starfall

The fun kindergarten worksheets here focus exclusively on teaching phonics to young children. Another point that sets it apart from other educational websites is that Starfall worksheets are based on a systematic approach to reading with phonics and to develop phonemic awareness in young readers. Once your kindergartener masters the basics, you could get him started with the higher grades if he is so inclined. Starfall also has a range of worksheets designed for homeschool, special education and English language learning and development.

5. Math is Fun

Practice makes perfect and that’s truer for math than for almost any other subject. If you were looking for ways to teach beginning math skills to your kindergartener, here’s a great one. The educational resources designed by this website make sure that your child gets plenty of practice and builds a solid foundation in math. He also gets to test previously learned skills with kindergarten worksheets that have thousands of variations. In fact, once he gets to love math, he’ll never run out of practice material!