Move Over Boring Resolutions

There’s still a few days left in January. This means that you will still be hounded with questions about what resolutions you have made, are planning to make, have already broken, are planning to fix etc. It is tiring as conversations usually are when you have them year after year. It also leads to panic and a feeling of depression at the end of the year when you realize you haven’t really accomplished everything you wanted to. Life usually gets in the way and while that is an excellent reason, it usually isn’t enough to make the guilt go away. Sometimes I think that the question “What am I doing with my life?” is designed to be one that haunts and torments.

This year, we have a list of goals that we will set out to accomplish. It’s always good to have these little milestones to remind you of your priorities. However, we’ve decided to start a memory jar as a family. What we’ve done is taken a giant mason jar and whenever something makes us laugh or an event occurs that you don’t want to forget or just a simple occurrence that made you happy, we write them down, roll them up and put them in the Memory Jar.

I’m hoping it comes to our rescue when things are tough, when we need pick me ups and when we just need to reminiscence. At the end of the year, we plan to read them all together as a family. That way, we don’t have all our failures haunting us. Instead, we will have a nice bouquet of memories that we encountered on the journey as a family.

Hoping this works out for us!