Filling up with the Christmas Spirit through Holiday Movies


I have to start this off with a warning – this is a hastily put together list that was brought to mind while having hot chocolate and chatting with a childhood friend about how we spend used to spend Christmas mornings – bowl full of cereal, pajamas and blankets, cartoons and rib-tickling Christmas themed movies.

Rather than over-thinking this, I thought I’d put together the movies that bring back memories of that time and some newer memories created with my hubbie and kids.

Home Alone 2 –

I know this is a controversial choice because of how good the first movie was but Home Alone 2 feels more Christmasy – the messaging, the grandness of the holiday cheer in New York, the adorable characters – it just makes you feel warm inside.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas –

The newer Jim Carrey version is a family favorite because of the way the Seuss story is expanded and every character is dealt with in a deeper way. Some people consider this an abomination to the original Dr. Seuss but I don’t mind it. However, my favorite is the old cartoon version that only ran to a few minutes.

Arthur Christmas

This is a relatively new movie but it really puts a smile on my face with its refreshing plot – it’s not the same old storyline that is rehashed every Christmas season. It is a nail biting adventure about Santa’s son, Arthur, trying to save Christmas day by making sure a package is delivered on time. I also love the glimpse it gives of Santa’s high tech gift delivering operation. It is simply delightful.

Rise of the Guardians

I love superheroes and when all of your favorite holiday icons come together to save the world from certain doom, there’s a certain magic and thrill in it. I have really tried to pretend I don’t love this as much of the kids but I’ve really, really grown fond of this movie.

What’s on your list of must-watch Christmas classics?