Family – A Gift that Lasts Forever

‘Our dreams are made of real things, like a shoebox full of photographs.’


Iphone” by DariuszSankowski is licensed under CC by 2.0

Not many know that April 10 every year is observed as National Siblings Day in many parts of the United States. This year, it luckily happened to fall on a Sunday. And hence, it gave me the perfect opportunity to do something which I had been putting off since a long while.

Our home is pretty simply done up, without too much fancy stuff. Every nook and corner holds something dear to us – a gift from my kids’ grandparents, fresh flowers from our garden in the vase my mom-in-law gifted us for our first wedding anniversary, the vintage grandfather’s clock still (touch wood) ticking away quietly in the corner.

The only thing missing was – family photographs on the walls. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been preparing a collage of our pictures – of our wedding, when my daughter was born, their birthday parties and the like. My ‘grand’ project, however, always seemed to be taking forever to get completed and therefore never got put up on the living room wall. This Siblings Day, I sat myself down and created a special section of ‘sibling photos’ of my son and daughter together. And this was the culmination of years of my modest photography skills.

Once it was up, I was left wonder-struck; here were the best moments of my life in front of me. I realized once again that the most beautiful things in my life were hardly things at all. They were memories of the glow on my kids’ faces when they got their first puppy; the cake smeared on my first-born’s face on his first birthday party; the whole family celebrating Christmas together.

Life is but a collection of moments, do make them count.

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