A Picture Paints a 1000 Words

A lovely post from a dad blogger about picture books that got his daughter into sports! A must read for everyone trying to impress gender neutrality into their parenting.

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I often fret about the influence stereotypes have on my kids. There’s only so much you can do as a parent – only so much you can lecture, only so much you can protect. While your support and love towards them will always be unrelenting, the messages that society puts out are sometimes confidence shattering. There is a certain way you have to be, certain subject you have to study, and certain career paths you have to tread. We’re all proponents of equality across genders and sexes but there are some things that are so ingrained in us, we forget we are gender policing subconsciously.

Getting my little girl into sport was easy in the early days. We are an active family and so playing outdoors, having a casual game in the park is normal for us. She was a natural in whatever activity she picked up and I’m aware…

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