Late night conversations with my daughter

I was sitting down to write another article this weekend when my daughter cuddled up to me and said she wanted to write something as well. I often give the kids writing assignments – I’m blessed with kids who not only love to read but also love to use their imaginations creatively. So I gave her a few sheets of paper and went on to make her some hot cocoa. I find hot cocoa always makes me write better.

When I got back to my work haven, I found her, pencil in hand but not a word on the paper. “Mom?” she hesitated and then continued, “I don’t know… I mean … I want to write a story … like you do … I mean … I want it to be published … Can I … Erm … Write one for you?” I smiled. I told her that she definitely should write for me. Happy and with a belly full of chocolate warmth, she dozed off on the couch while I finished my article.

That night, when I was preparing to sleep, I had a sudden panic attack. I had said ‘yes’ to my daughter without actually thinking it through. Writing articles is one thing, putting it up on the World Wide Web is another. We all know that this space can be dangerous and anything unmonitored can lead to situations you don’t want her to be in. So I had to think over whether I should allow her to write on my space or allow her to start her own blog. I went to sleep, troubled.

I am a huge fan of using new age technology for learning and didn’t want to discourage the use of the blogging platform. I talked to my daughter the next day and asked her what she had in mind with regards to writing. She said that she wanted to stories for me occasionally that I would publish on my blog. Considering I will have control over what goes up, what comments come through etc, I thought we’d both go for it. She will weave her magic stories and also learn about the intricacies of blogging (She is fascinated by WordPress stats – where the views come from, what search terms are used to reach certain articles etc)

We’re making this our monthly mother-daughter bonding activity.

What do you think of the idea?

8 thoughts on “Late night conversations with my daughter

  1. I love the idea…. I like that you’re putting it on your own blog for the safety issues and I love that you’re using it for bonding! It’s wonderful :) and I could really go for that hot cocoa right about now too ;)

    • Hot Cocoa cures everything and the number of life changing conversations you have over it – amazing! Thank you so much for the encouragement. We’re going to experiment with one story and see where it goes.

  2. Wow! I love it! I can’t wait til my children are old enough to write. What a great way to save your kid’s writings forever and to easily share them with those you love.
    That said, I fully understand and agree with your take on her having her own blog just yet. I’d panic at that thought as well =)

    • It’s so hard trying to balance out being protective and giving her freedom. I’m sure you understand the panic that motherhood is. But you learn everyday! Thank you so much for your comment. It has really encouraged me!

  3. I agree, I love it! And I think you are starting out in the right direction by letting her post on your own blog, which can be most easily monitored. Have fun together! My 4-year-old loves to dictate silly stories for me to write down.

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