Benefits of Outdoor Games for Kids

With each passing day, more and more youngsters are getting sucked into the virtual world games for kids. I do this quite often myself – get wrapped up in all the wonderfulness of technology and overlook, rather conveniently, the benefits of playing outdoors. Is it important at all? At that young age, kids should be encouraged to explore nature as the world outside is still very new and exciting to them. If we aren’t ensuring that our kids are spending enough time playing outside, then it’s a sign that we probably aren’t aware of the benefits of outdoor games for kids.

There is so much that kids can do outdoors. Jogging or running; playing tag, blindfold games, hopscotch and other fun games; swinging and playing in the park; participating in sports events – everything that requires your precious little ones to stay outside and move about is a fun outdoor activity or game that they can engage in.

How do Outdoor Games for Kids help?


Interacting with nature –

Being out in the fresh air and open space gives kids the opportunity to interact with nature one on one. Nature is a wonderful teacher and kids must be given a fair chance to learn from it. Allow them to venture out and explore independently so that they discover natural phenomena on their own – flowers blooming, leaves falling, ants making their shelters, and so on. They’ll soon know more facts than text books can ever teach them.

Interacting with other kids –

Besides interacting with nature, another great advantage of engaging kids with outdoor games is the freedom from constant parental supervision and the opportunity to play face-to-face (not virtually!) with their friends. Research has shown the calls, rhymes, taunts and jeers that go on in the field help children understand complex speech and language patterns like phonology, lexis, grammar, and syntax, besides developing their social skills and encouraging friendship and bonding. So, the next time your child is all ready to hit the comp, you know where to send him off to!

Developing physical fitness –

Children are rapidly growing little things! They need physical exercise and activities to help their muscles to develop and become stronger. Outdoor games and activities for kids such as swinging, skipping, skating, or riding help them use their whole body and therefore promote healthy growth and development. Using a swing makes children work on all their muscles while holding on, balancing, and swinging back and forth helps them understand the concept of cause and effect. Skates, scooters, and bikes require kids to balance and coordinate constantly, thus making their mind and body work in tandem. Each outdoor game for kids teaches them important skills.

So, go ahead and think of activities that will take your kids outside the confines of the house. Take them to beaches, zoos, forests, and mountains and let them play, because it’s a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Outdoor Games for Kids

    • Agreed. It’s easier to just give them a gadget. You get more peace of mind and they’re occupied for a few hours but I always find it’s better to just create those memories when you can. Soon they’ll be too grown up!

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