Ode to the Board of Education


I saw this when I was researching facts for an article I was writing and it made me laugh hysterically. It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the time. While the meme is hilarious, it also makes one wonder about “education” and what it means to a majority of the people. And do we really truly learn?

I dream of a day when children come up to you and ask you to teach them something new – something truly useful. A huge overhaul of the education system might be in store, someday. Till then, one can dream, can’t she?

In other news, two more of my posts are up and free on the internet. Nothing gives me more joy than to be able to write about topics I feel passionately about and have them be appreciated by the community.

Do check out my digital footprints tab for more. Meanwhile, here is my favorite from this month – 5 ways to have fun with kids on St. Patrick’s Day.

Hope you are all well


4 thoughts on “Ode to the Board of Education

  1. That’s a great poster!!! I haven’t seen that one! I would love to see the same thing happen as you mentioned but in the meantime, I’m so glad we opened our eyes and started realizing what real learning is! I’m grateful for people with open minds and great blogs like yours and the fact that we can openly write about this so that eventually others can see there is a better way!

    • Hey Jacquie – thank you SO much for your words of encouragement. It takes tremendous courage to do what you are doing and I’m sure that someday we will move from a minority to a majority. I’m loving your blog too, btw!

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