Wearable Technologies

I was thinking a lot last weekend about how slowly technology got integrated into our day to day lives and seeped into the education field. The beginnings were slow and then BAM suddenly, we were using technology for everything – there is always a gadget, a hack and an app for whatever your heart desires. Still, it is fairly a new thing in the classroom. Old school educational institutes are still hesitant to introduce internet based learning. There are pluses and minuses to any argument, one which I will not get into right now. But I did read a very interesting blog about wearable technologies.

What an AMAZING concept that there will be technology that you wear and that can be harnessed to assist not just in your chores and work but in constantly learning. There is the potential to get addicted to it but there is also such great potential. And if it is targeted towards education, you would have hit jackpot!

What are your views on the concept?

5 thoughts on “Wearable Technologies

  1. Seeing how my kids go overboard with technology and how society, in general, is addicted to it, I would have a hard time bringing that into our house. It really does look cool, and if someone who has self-control uses it, I think it would be fine. But I’m afraid that it may contribute to a society that is already becoming less people-oriented and more tech-oriented.

    • That is one of my fear as well. The other day, I went out to catch up with a friend after AGES and all the while she was instagramming her food and putting it up on facebook rather than having a conversation with me. Still, I think that if harnessed the right way, you could use it as a great tool for learning and education.

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